Hello, my name is Charissa and I’m the Founder of the Rhubarb & Teal luxury candle brand.

Having been lucky enough to be born in Norfolk, I spent my childhood growing up with nature, making ‘perfume’ with flower petals, roses, pansies, sweet peas, lavender and cornflowers  in jam jars having raided my mums cupboards looking for suitable containers to mix my potions. Even today, the scent of rose petals reminds me of the fun I had on many a long summers day. Scent is one of our most powerful senses and can transport us back to a moment in time to relive a memory previously forgotten.

In my adult life, I spent many years working in the Fashion/Interiors industry and being a busy mum of three children, I became increasingly aware of the need to relax and value the things that truly matter in life, realising that scent can affect our state of mind creating a living space to enjoy and relax in. I’ve always been creative and found the process of candle making quite therapeutic and the excitement of developing new scents strangely addictive!

Over the years I have spent a lot of money on candles that smelt lovely in the shop, but unfortunately once lit, their scent was something of a disappointment. Why was this?

To get the high scent throw many manufactures often use paraffin wax which has been linked to cancer and asthma and contains the same chemicals as diesel fumes. I hated the thought of my family breathing in chemicals that could harm them, so I started to experiment with different waxes eventually finding the perfect combination of Soya and Coconut wax that when combined with my luxury fragrances give a great scent throw.

And the Rhubarb & Teal luxury candle range was born!

All the fragrances I use are paraban free and are suitable for vegans.

I hope you enjoy the candles as much as me. With so many scents to choose from its hard to decide which to try first!

Love Charissa X
Founder & Managing Director